The Voices Unveiled is a three-part original musical composition by Ehsan Matoori inspired by Iranian traditional music, folk (South of Iran), with fusion elements featuring two Iranian female vocalists, Maliheh Moradi, and Mina Deris. Voices Unveiled follows the tragic stories of two women refugees who lost their lives. In part one, the music depicts the story of an Iranian girl who fled Iran after she was imprisoned and tortured for removing and burning her head scarf and participating in anti-government protests. She gets brutally raped and beaten to death in the rainy and cold forests of Eastern Europe. Part two recounts the story of a woman from the southern tribes of Iran who is chosen to be sacrificed as part of the Cease Blood (“Faslieh” in Arabic; “Khoon Bas” in Farsi) custom.

She leaves the country in hopes of reuniting with her lover outside the country. Despite crossing the ocean and seemingly making it to the shore, delirious from hypothermia, hallucinating her lover, she mistakenly shows the secret hand sign she had with her lover instead of the sign she was supposed to show to signal her refugee status and gets shot in the heart. Shocked from the shot, she starts to dance, as if her frantic movements can relieve the pain. The music then continues by a prelude where the two women meet each other, not knowing that they are both dead. In part three, in spite of the deep mourning, the two women find hope, rebirth, love, and eternity through their voices.