Prepare to be enchanted by the ever-evolving magic of ‘Leyli and Majnun,’ a celebration of the rich tapestry of Iranian music and culture. This project showcases the seamless collaboration between two visionary musicians, Ehsan Matoori, an Iranian Santoor virtuoso and composer based in Los Angeles, and Maliheh Moradi, an Iranian traditional vocalist based in Los Angeles.

At the core of ‘Leyli and Majnun’ is Ehsan Matoori’s captivating music composition, inspired by the timeless Persian love story of ‘Leyli and Majnun.’ Ehsan’s masterful Santoor melodies take the audience on a profound journey through the heart of Iranian music.

Maliheh Moradi’s ethereal vocals breathe life into this epic narrative, infusing each note with the depth and emotion that define Iranian musical traditions. Together, they create a harmonious fusion that pays homage to the heritage of Iranian music.

What sets ‘Leyli and Majnun’ apart is its incredible versatility. Ehsan and Maliheh, the project’s core musicians, showcase their artistry in various arrangements, embracing the diversity of Iranian music:

1. In collaboration with other instruments, including percussion and cello, they add layers of depth and emotion to the performance. This fusion of instruments brings a unique energy to ‘Leyli and Majnun,’ enhancing the project’s authenticity.
2. With a string quartet or quintet, they seamlessly blend Ehsan’s compositions with the elegance of live strings, elevating the timeless melodies of Iranian music to new heights.

Join us on this enchanting journey as ‘Leyli and Majnun’ unfolds its captivating narrative through different arrangements, all firmly rooted in the Iranian musical tradition. This project, led by Ehsan Matoori and Maliheh Moradi, celebrates the rich heritage of Iranian music and takes you on a profound exploration of love, longing, and artistic brilliance.