We are pleased to present our project proposal for “Cafe Tape,” an innovative music project that combines folk, fusion electronic, and world music genres. The collaboration between Ehsan Matoori, an Iranian santoor player and composer, and Shahin Yousefzamani, an Iranian composer and bass player, aims to create a captivating musical experience that showcases the unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds.

Instrumentation and Performance Approach:
In the Cafe Tape project, the synthesizer and keyboards are the primary instruments responsible for rhythm, harmonies, and beats. These instruments lay the foundation for the overall musical structure. On the other hand, the santoor primarily focuses on building the melodic elements, adding a distinctive and enchanting touch to the compositions. The bass is a complementary instrument, accompanying the santoor to complete the melodic construction. Our talented drum player Yahya Alkhansa will join us to enhance the rhythmic elements of our music. Including drums adds depth and further elevates the energy of our performances.

Musical Style and Inspiration:
Inspired by Iranian folk and traditional music, Cafe Tape offers a vibrant, up-tempo, uplifting musical experience. The fusion of different genres and the innovative approach to the santoor result in a unique and captivating sound. The compositions celebrate cultural heritage while incorporating contemporary elements, making them accessible and engaging for a diverse audience.

Performance Setup and Requirements:
The Cafe Tape project is designed to be adaptable and flexible, catering to various performance settings and venues. We can accommodate both intimate settings and larger stages, adjusting the instrumentation and sound production accordingly. Our performances are enhanced by using technology, including sound engineering and lighting effects, to create a visually and aurally immersive experience for the audience.