Chaharbagh | Fourfold Garden
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Chaharbagh | Fourfold Garden

Chaharbagh | Fourfold Garden

by: Ehsan Matoori, Rajib Karmakar



Kourosh Babaei: Kamancheh

Jeremy Smith:Percussions

Rajib Karmakar: Sitar

Ehsan Matoori: Santoor


Ehsan Matoori, an Iranian santoor player and composer based in CA, started partnering with Rajib Karamkar, an accomplished sitar player from India based in CA, to create a project that celebrates the shared musical heritage of Iran and India while drawing inspiration from the symbolic Chahar Bagh concept.

The “Chahar Bagh” project is a captivating musical endeavor that showcases the fusion of Iranian and Indian musical traditions, providing a unique and immersive experience for audiences. We aim to bring the beauty of cultural diversity to your venue and engage your audience in a memorable performance highlighting Iran and India’s interconnectedness through music.