Nāznīnay music video is out!

Nāznīnay music video is out today!

In this track I have created rhythmic beats from Indian and Iranian musical traditions with the help of the electronic medium. You can hear the rhythmic and percussive instruments of both countries. This is the common bridge that ties the stories, the poetic expressions, together. The anchor of this bridge is the melody of Pur Mah, which inspired this composition. Nāznīnay is a common word in both Farsi and Kashmiri poetic diction and is used to refer to the “beloved”. Musicians Ali Montazeri and Hesam Naseri helped me with the arrangement section. Mike Block, one of the pioneer cellists from Yo-Yo Ma’s The Silkroad Ensemble, recorded cello; Meysam Marvasti was on viola; Milad Mohammdi on tar; and Ronnie Malley on Oud.

A portion of the video was shot in Tehran while Afshin Hashemi (Nāznīnay music video director)  was still there, and the rest of the video was shot in the US, primarily in Chicago, during Afshin’s visit earlier in June. We collaborated with choreographers and artists both in Iran and in the US and made that happen. To watch the video click HERE